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The band from Karlsruhe and Ulm passionately moves between progressive metal and atmospheric post-rock with math influences. With their songs, the four young musicians present mighty sound structures carried by complex rhythms and powerful basses. Mantra-like, meditative passages alternate with brute riffs and driving drums. Woomera reproduces the feeling of the warming, rising sun live on stage. With the sound of collapsing mountains and the intimacy of growing trees, their live performance enchants the audience. Formed in 2014 as a high school band, the band took second place at the 2021 New Bands Festival played at Das Fest Karlsruhe and das Unifest. “A spacey and hypnotic trip. Music as a drug, concerts as intoxication,” is how Klappe Auf described the band.




ASTRAYA is a Post-Alternative Rock Band from Stuttgart, Germany. Their unique sound hails directly out of a parallel universe. Spherical post-rock meets metal meets great emotion. All of this paired with a certain amount of world weariness and the longing to be somewhere far away. They mourn about the coarsening of society and deal with questions about our existence. Their goal is to conquer the stages of our world and enchant us with their music. Epic vocals, exceptional guitar riffs and a dark melancholic spirit are the ingredients.




Prynum is an instrumental band from Stuttgart, Germany that formed in 2013. Since releasing their first EP in 2015, they have focused on creating atmospheric, otherworldly soundscapes with unconventional and unique song structures. Their goal is to offer listeners a unique and immersive listening experience outside the narrow boxes of mainstream music genres, drawing from a wide, growing range of influences including post-rock, psychedelic, ambient but also funk, electronica, and doom.



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