Battle Of The Month 2022

SA, 21.05.2022 - 17:00 Uhr
Breakdance Battle
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We are back with Stuttgarts oldest Breaking competition and Hip-Hop Jam since 1994

Master / Student Battle 2vs2 

Come and represent together with the next generation. 

Seven 2 Smoke Battle

Qualify yourself in the raw cypher preselection & prove that you are the one 

Rock Dance Showcase 

Watch original Rocking live and try it for yourself on the open Apache Line 


Sung-Goku & Mercedes-Jenz
Both are experienced on the mic and dancefloor to keep you entertained 


DJ Chkoz - Virgule Crew
Playing the beats that will make you move 


Tony Roca - Rockin' Attack Crew
Original 90's B-boy from the legendary RAC with the cleanest footwork that you have seen in a while

Joe - True Rokin Soul / Balboa Squad
Fresh & energetic style and the winner of the last BOTM 

Skychief - The Ruggeds
One of the strongest b-boys out there, always showing originality + musicality


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