Di. / 02. OKTOBER 2018: Hamferd | Egonaut | Lone Wanderer

Einlass: 19:30


"Hamferð" refers to an apparition: the image of a person facing death, appearing before his or her loved ones as an omen.

"Faroese doom metal" is a powerful sound. Exclusive to this self-styled tag is Hamferð. For nearly a decade, the funereally dressed sextet has been casting a unique expression rooted in conceptual tragedy and intense, narrative doom metal.



Formed in 2006 and reformed again with new vocalist Emil Kyrk in 2016 Egonaut return with their fourth full-length album “The Omega”, out on Mighty Music in November 2017.
“The Omega” is out on November 3rd 2017 on Mighty Music


Lone Wanderer

slow, heavy and slightly depressing
Doom Metal from Freiburg, Germany


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